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MAAS-RIVA, a wholesale supplier and more

You are looking for a supplier for your shipstore that can take care of all the bother. That you can safely entrust with the work. And that contributes to the continuity of your provision of services. Maas Trading, pleased to meet you. As a wholesale supplier that collects and distributes goods exclusively for the shipping industry, we have become the number one in Europe. It is a reputation that we must earn day after day. And we do this by means of shrewd purchasing, by offering a total package and by providing reliable service.

Supplying to seagoing vessels, drilling platforms and remote sites belonging to oil companies is familiar territory to Maas-Riva. We have been active in this field for decades. We know what is important, we know the routings, we know the market. We are the world’s favorite shipstore for around one hundred prominent shipping companies. In our view, embarking on a voyage with Maas Trading means outsourcing your concerns about efficient and reliable procurement. The professional purchasing organisation of Maas Trading is happy to take over these concerns on your behalf.

One stop shopping
You know only too well that the purchasers for your shipstore need to have a wide radius of action. From day-to-day necessities right through to diesel engines, Maas Trading can supply it. We reach the entire world from our base in Rotterdam and our branch office in Turkey. Working with Maas Trading therefore really does mean 'one stop shopping'. We can rely on a worldwide network of first-rate suppliers. They know that when it comes to quality, there can be no compromise.

A supplier with an eye for a bargain
Margins are minimal in our sector. That is why we continuously optimize our purchasing conditions; always on the look-out for ways of getting a bargain, while maintaining quality. The advantage of having a large network like ours is that we are always up to date with the latest conditions. And we are quick to profit from these, in countless situations. In the field of logistics too. We are able to minimize transport costs – a major item of expenditure – thanks to optimal efficiency in the logistic fulfillment.

Fulfilment from A to Z
You don’t just want a complete assortment, you also want complete service. At Maas-Riva, we are experts in the entire administrative process. This is another task that we are happy to perform on your behalf: from filling-in forms to the actual transport. And from insurances through to… you name it.

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