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Spares handling

Your goods are safe with Maas-Riva: from the smallest to the largest, we take care of your products as if they were our own.
In a dedicated and controlled environment, our staff ensures the utmost care and attention in the management and storage of goods and ship parts.

With Maas-Riva, you will also have access to

  • Online Tracking System – you can check the status of your products in real-time;
  • Transportation to ships – to any required destination;
  • Sea, land, and airfreight consignments.

Maas-Riva takes care of the customs clearance of your spare parts, keeps them in stock, and dispatches them on demand all over the world.
Our online tracking system enables you to check the status of your goods in real time.
Whether you search on vessel name, P.O. number, or sender: all information is available, and the use of the online tracking system is free of charge.
Delivery of your spare parts to your vessels combined with provisions/stores ordered with Maas-Riva is free of charge within the ARA area.

When your vessels are not trading in Europe we also can safely keep your spares at our warehouse and offer you worldwide delivery.
Rotterdam (Netherlands) is a strategic location from where we can dispatch your spare parts all over the world.
From Rotterdam seaport and Amsterdam airport, we can dispatch all over the world, via any means of transport like courier, sea freight, airfreight, or via land.

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